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Why you should know the difference between behaviours and traits

As a manager, knowing the difference between behaviours and traits will help you to achieve outcomes from key conversations. The best way to remove confusion and assumptions that can arise in feedback conversations comes from stepping out of using traits, and instead, making a point to discuss desired behaviours. Read on to learn how you …

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The do’s and don’ts of public speaking

Did you know that some people fear public speaking more than death? We’re guessing that isn’t you ‘cause you’ve clicked on this article. At Pragmatic Thinking, our expert facilitators do public speaking every single day and thanks to them, we’ve got a tonne of tips and tricks up our sleeves. In saying that, here are …

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emotions in the workplace

Should we be avoiding emotions in the workplace?

As a leader, you’ve probably been in situations where emotions are running high in the workplace. When communicating difficult news like redundancy it can cause an emotional response in both yourself and the person you’re delivering the message to. But what should we be doing about it? Should we be avoiding emotions in the workplace? …

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setting team goals

Why setting team goals is seriously important stuff

Whether you’re managing a team or are part of a team that want to take it to the next level, it’s time to explore the power of goal setting. Today we’re going to explore the common myths about team goals and some of the practical outcomes of connecting a team through goal setting. Ready to …

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Stress, recovery and the autonomic nervous system

If you want to be able to easily step into a state of relaxation and recovery after a busy week, you’ve got to get familiar with your Autonomic Nervous System. In this article, we’re going to look at the two sides of this system that we switch between based on external and internal stimuli. Sounds …

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female leaders

5 female leaders everyone can learn from

Stepping into a new level of leadership can be daunting. It’s worthwhile taking the time to listen to and learn from the stories of others. Today we’re sharing five podcast episodes featuring female leaders that will inspire you to take your career to new heights. You’ll learn from an expert voice coach, the CEO of …

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atomic habits

Atomic Habits book review + powerful insights

Looking for an extremely practical, incredibly interesting read about habits? Well, look no further than Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book has had prime placement on the Pragmatic Thinking bookshelf since it was published back in 2018, so we figured it was about time we shared this gem with you. Read on for a …

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strengths-based approach

How to start a strengths-based approach with your team

Taking a strengths-based approach with your team can lead to some pretty awesome results, but where do you even begin? Today we’re going to look at what goes into a strengths-based approach and how managers and team leaders can get started with it. Curious to see what’s possible when we focus on developing and using …

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how to give constructive feedback

How to give constructive feedback to your team

Throughout your work life, there are going to be times (many, many times) when you’ll need to give some constructive feedback. And while most of us don’t enjoy giving negative feedback, it’s something that goes hand in hand with working in a team. Whether you’ve noticed a minor concern like a couple of typos in …

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Surprising science-backed ways to improve your public speaking

Regardless of your day-to-day role, it’s worth taking the time to improve your public speaking skills. While you may not think you do a lot of public speaking, the truth is we all need the ability to communicate our ideas effectively. At one of our Think Club events Ryan Lewty, one of our expert facilitators, …

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