Our Values

At Pragmatic Thinking we’re big on walking the talk.

After nearly 10 years of working with leading organisations to communicate, operationalise and breathe new life into their company values, we’re inviting you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the values that guide us each and every day.

We wholeheartedly believe that company values don’t belong in a 200 page guide that sits on a shelf gathering dust. Nor do they belong on a plaque on the wall. Instead, company values should be appreciated for what they are – the guiding principles behind the behaviours you see in the people who work here. Values come to life when they are spoken about often, discussed regularly, and expressed (even when it’s uncomfortable). When seen in this way, values become the foundation of an exceptional workplace culture.

Our PT values show up in everything we do; from the world-class virtual training we deliver through to the way we collaborate, communicate and celebrate as a team.
They are the direction for our decisions, the benchmarks for our behaviour and the compass bearings of our culture.

Step In

We’ll take on the challenges that others struggle to solve. We’re oriented, biased even, towards action rather than sitting back and waiting for the perfect situation to present itself.

Stepping into the discomfort of having robust feedback conversations is important to us. We respect the rumble and don’t mind the mess. We address the story in our head and use principles of feedback (the same ones we share with our clients) in our own tough conversations.

When there’s a long road ahead, a first step needs to be taken, even when the direction isn’t clear. And while the first step is crucial, we’re there for every other step of the way to see things through and deliver extraordinary work.

Hand Up

It takes guts to be the one in a crowd who puts their hand up first. We do. We value being seen. High performance requires it.

We suggest ideas, contribute, and celebrate with others. Whether we’re showing up to a virtual meeting or a team offsite, we put ourselves into the arena.

We ask for help when we need it, which is never easy. Rather than sit on something and try to figure it out in isolation we put our hand up. We know that no person is an island, and we’re open to the ideas and perspectives of our teammates. Because of this, we know we can rely on someone being there to support us.

Whole Heart

We show up and express what matters, not what’s comfortable.

This requires bucketloads of courage. We aren’t afraid to show emotion, and we co-create an environment where everyone feels they can share their best in important conversations.

We know that when we show up, bringing our hearts to our work, that we’ll inevitably run into challenges that may break our hearts. But we’d rather risk it for the biscuit than be timid or hold back. From the mistakes we make, we’ll learn lessons along the way.

When we turn up with our hearts in the game, we’re able to tune into the emotional wisdom that comes with it. We embrace vulnerability and strive for self-awareness to know when we need to do something to change our state.

Think Brighter

Our work is often performed in the grey, but never in the shadows. What others value in us is how we shine a light on areas yet unseen.

We are in constant pursuit of being the lightning rod for possibility thinking; bringing fresh and innovative approaches to even the dullest environment. We understand that our clients look to us to identify their blind spots, illuminate their fears and help fix their problems. When cynicism comes a-knocking, we lean into optimism.

We love the lightness that can be felt when laughter is brought to heavy situations and we crave the lightbulb moments when we come up with a cracking idea.

Practice Appreciation

We don’t just like our work – we’re f*cking grateful to be invited to do it. We live extraordinary lives, with extraordinary opportunities, and never take this for granted.

With most of us spending a third of our lives at work, we know that our commitment to making work an extraordinary experience for those we partner with has an impact on people’s lives and their health.

We never want to become an entitlement culture. Our commitment to appreciation helps us all to remain grounded, no matter how high we soar.

Given the nature of our work, we know someone has put their neck on the line to have us come in help solve a problem. We’re mindful to express gratitude to the difference-makers (internally and externally) we get the opportunity to work with.