Coaching Mastery

Step into the next level of leadership.

Coaching Mastery

Coaching – the mysterious work that improves performance, relationships and produces more effective communication skills. It’s the top desired skill for front-line leaders and when executed properly, it provides greater intrinsic motivation.

So how do you inspire your employees, not just instruct them? How do you improve your coaching skills so that your team can achieve greater engagement?

‘What would it look like for your people to actually challenge themselves, instead of you having to challenge them?’

Our Coaching Mastery program teaches a coaching framework that delivers both the tools and techniques to confidently step into coaching conversations. It’s designed to enhance the coaching capability leaders require to transform their team’s productivity and focus.

You’ll learn the skills to guide others through setbacks as well as the advanced communication techniques that will positively impact your team.

Coaching Mastery

Establish how the coaching relationship will operate and identify the required resources.

Coaching Mastery

Prepare for coaching conversations by developing a clear path, identifying potential roadblocks and milestones.

Coaching Mastery

Provide support during change including setting of new behaviours and measuring progress.

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