Learning and Development

Like you, we’re in the business of behaviour change. When it comes to learning and developing this isn’t a sheep-dipping exercise where everyone gets put through the same, boring, John Cleese-video-filled sessions only to then smugly sit back saying ‘they’ve been trained’.

Learning and Development requires an understanding of what are the capability gaps that exist across our leaders? Explore the question of what are the best methodologies for engagement in learning and information, and finally how is this information then embedded for ongoing behaviour change? It’s this rhythm that we obsess about here at Pragmatic Thinking. Partnering with exceptional Learning and Development professionals is what we get out of bed for, everything from rolling out engaging thought-leadership sessions with senior leaders with McCormick to partnering for a seven-month experiential leadership program with Wine Australia.

Where could your Learning and Development benefit from stepping into being world-class?

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