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We deliver a host of programs around leadership, culture and feedback.
Whether it’s a one-day experience for your team or an all-of-organisation multi-year program, we’re ready. We even do bespoke programs tailored specifically to different organisational needs so we can work with you to find the right solution.

Chances are you’ll spend a third of your life at work. Any way you measure it, that’s a fair chunk of your time…

So given work is this huge chunk of our lives, it makes perfect sense to make it the best possible experience it can be, right? Even entertain that work could be an extraordinary experience? Well that’s why we’re here. 
To create extraordinary work cultures.

As a behaviour and motivation strategy company we find ambitious leaders and their teams and we become their secret weapon. These leaders are the people in your organisation that can (and want to) effect change. Big thinking, ambitious folk who chase after better tomorrows. That’s our tribe.

We call them ‘Difference Makers’. Making a difference to these few is what drives us every day. Through psychology, biology, sociology and anthropology (and a few other ‘ologies) we bring a science-based approach to our work, looking for contemporary and practical ways to make change happen and drive cultural shifts inside organisations.

Work on being a better human.
It never fails.


It all started in 2008, a time best known as the year of crisis.

The global financial outlook was plummeting as world markets were in the grip of the biggest catastrophe since the Great Depression of 1929.

In the tropical frontier town of Darwin, 2008 was also year of monumental challenge for Alison and Darren Hill. Having just welcomed their first child into the world only six months prior, the young couple decided to welcome even further upheaval into their lives… and start a business.

The choice to leave behind the security and certainty of stable jobs to pursue the challenge of small business seemed ill – timed at best and completely naïve at worse.

Practicing their own theory from day one, the Hills decided to reduce friction and temptation in decision making by physically packing up their television to eliminate a key time – waster so they could throw themselves into the task of content creating for the fledging business.

In the global economic gloom, a light shone in the Northern suburbs of Darwin; that light was the dining room light as the ambitious two (plus a reasonably well – behaved baby) worked on their craft.

Sleep deprived and blindly optimistic in a small townhouse – this was Pragmatic Thinking before it evolved into a trusted advisor to some of the world’s most recognisable brands. From little things big things grow.

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