Every business is a human business. 

In a world of relentless change and uncertainty, how we support and develop our people at work is a constant source of research, application, and learning. It’s our greatest asset and our biggest challenge as leaders.

On The Business of People podcast, hear from difference makers in the People & Culture space who are committed to making work an extraordinary experience.

From high performance and employee engagement, to safety cultures and navigating a hybrid workforce, we dive into these topics with curiosity and generosity on The Business of People podcast.

Tune in to our latest episodes below.


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Nicolette Barnard

Episode 1: Nicolette Barnard

What would happen if you replaced your performance management process for something new? In this episode of The Business of People podcast, we dive into a fascinating conversation about performance management and flexible working with Nicolette Barnard of Siemens. It is clear that we can have flexible work, productivity and business success, but in order to get there we may need to leave old processes and approaches behind. Nicolette highlights throughout the importance of diversity in the workplace and shares how Siemens are helping to prepare the workforce for increasing digitisation.

Laura Staples

Episode 2: Laura Staples

Achieving high performance in the workplace is no longer simply a matter of pure performance measures – employee wellbeing, resilience, and a mindset of antifragility has entered the equation. In this episode of The Business of People podcast, we discuss what goes into creating a culture of innovation and how high performance can be achieved in a Work From Anywhere structure with Laura Staples of Laminex. Over the last 15 years, Laura has been pushing the boundaries in organisations with an eye on the future and uncovering opportunities to transform old ways of working to remain competitive in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Episode 3: Steve Reid

Workplace culture is at the heart of what we do as leaders in the People & Culture space.

In this episode of The Business of People podcast we explore the pillars of workplace culture, and the tell-tale signs of a drop in employee engagement, with Steve Reid of Culture Eats Strategy.
With over 20 years’ experience in the People & Culture space, Steve encourages us to look at our workplace cultures with a new perspective, one that takes into consideration the organism-like nature of our cultures as well as the impact that principle-based decision making and leadership can have on them.

Naomi White

Episode 4: Naomi White

In amongst change and uncertainty, People & Culture leaders have a powerful licence to influence. In this episode of The Business of People podcast we explore the importance of taking to invest in ourselves as leaders in order to show up fully for our people. With over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of transforming people and culture, Naomi White has plenty of insight to share in the way our field has evolved. Dig into this conversation where we discuss the profound impact that leaders can have when wellbeing and balance is seen as a priority.

Beth Hall

Episode 5: Beth Hall

What does it mean to truly feel like you belong in your workplace? Where you can feel seen, heard, and included, particularly as we navigate the new digital workspace and culture?
Belonging is the key passion of today’s guest Beth Hall, Head of People Experience and Development at the Cotton On Group. In our conversation we talk about the changes happening in workplaces at the moment, particularly in on-boarding new team members in a hybrid work environment.

Katy Halliwell

Episode 6: Katy Halliwell

What’s the role of the office when it comes to the future of work? How does a manufacturing company explore a hybrid world of work for all? Today’s guest Katie Halliwell is the People and Organisation Director of Mars Wrigley and is responsible for enhancing organisational culture and developing the people strategy. Her passion for creating an inclusive and diverse workplace that champions equal opportunities for all has been a major contributor to the Mars Wrigley Australia’s culture of fairness and equality.

Melitta Hardenberg

Episode 7: Melitta Hardenberg

In this episode of The Business of People podcast I chat with senior learning leader at SEEK, Melitta Hardenberg. SEEK are Australia’s number one jobs, employment, and career platform. An organisation that prides itself in being a little bit different. Melitta and I completely nerd out around the role of learning and development in behaviour change and cultural impact. Melitta is well known for extending leadership impact with inside organisations through personal impact, building inclusive high performing teams, and lifting career engagement within organisations.

Andrew Short

Episode 8: Andrew Short

One of the goals of people and culture is to provide environments for people to function at their best. How do we do that in the current environment when so many people are feeling tired and unsure. In this episode we speak to Andrew Short the Assistant Commissioner for the State Emergency Service or the SES as part of QFES the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. In this conversation we unpacked the role of psychological safety, the value of curiosity, as well as a really practical tip on how to stay present with others amongst the busyness of work.

Puneet Chandok

Episode 9: Puneet Chandok

Leading a countrywide operation in a fast-paced, expanding industry comes with key challenges. The way to excel in this space is to continuously have a learner mindset and be obsessed about people. In this episode I speak to Puneet Chandok, who leads the Amazon Web Services business in India and South Asia.As the country MC, he leads the entire portfolio of AWS Services and helps organisations innovate and transform – something that he lives and breaths in his own career. We talk about taking the time everyday to connect with customers, bringing leadership principles to life, and the importance of developing leaders.