High Performing Hybrid Teams

Upgrading your team for the future of work.

High Performing Hybrid Teams

2020. One heck of a year, right?

Around the world we quickly found what the meaning of an agile approach to work looked like in real terms. Thrown overnight into extensive remote work solutions, many teams found a way through the mess and produced impressive results.

But 2021 is a new year, and your team has the opportunity to take a new approach by fully embracing this new world of work and become an outstanding hybrid team.

This program will help you turn that intent into reality.
Designed to be an entertaining, informative and timely workshop for your entire team, this will serve as both the kickstart and offsite for your team in 2021.

Delivered from the world-leading PTV virtual studios, the program will cover;

• How to encourage and measure performance in a hybrid team
• The unique approach to culture when you’re hybrid
• How autonomy is best utilised amongst the team

High Performing Hybrid Teams

What we measure
How a team performs has always been a cornerstone to cultural success, but in a world of hybrid work takes on an even greater level of importance. With increased fluidity in our approach to work, our focus on performance becomes thebedrock for our team’s success.

High Performing Hybrid Teams

How we apply it
By adhering to a more agile model, we also increase the need for personal responsibility.
Autonomy is not simply about doing the work you want; it’s about taking responsibility to dowork the best you can do it.

High Performing Hybrid Teams

What we care about
Your culture is the single biggest enabler of your employee experience which drives our work effort. To ensure an aligned, purposeful culture in our hybrid teams we’ll need to identify our collective intentions and build a cultural journey map of who we want to be.

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