michael henderson

Michael Henderson Interview | Brave cultures face fears

Michael Henderson has worked with hundreds of organisations as a corporate anthropologist – exploring the cultures of workplaces. He has seen time and time again, that with the right approach to culture and with a passionate and capable leadership team, organisation’s cultures can be ignited to deliver outrageous levels of performance, and deep and meaningful …

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james clear interview

James Clear Interview | Master the art of showing up

James Clear’s writing career all started with a blog post that he committed to writing twice a week, which lead to over 400,000 subscribers, which then lead in 2018 to the publication of an International best-selling book, Atomic Habits. That’s quite the story, and it’s a great example of the power of showing up in …

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hybrid teams

Hybrid teams | Everything you need to know

Hybrid teams are set to become the next big trend in workplace structure. After years of flexible working practices increasing in popularity across the world, organisations are beginning to embrace the benefits of this non-traditional approach with open arms. For the organisations who need to retain an office or ‘home base’, creating hybrid teams is …

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how to create a hybrid team structure

How to create a hybrid team structure

With hybrid team structures set to be the next frontier in the new world of work, there’s a lot to consider and prepare for in order to make the shift a success. If you’re looking for guidance on how to create a hybrid team over the coming months, keep on reading to find out what …

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managing hybrid teams

How to manage your hybrid team effectively

When it comes to managing hybrid teams there are plenty of unique situations, conversations, and challenges that can arise. The hybrid team structure is becoming increasingly popular as organisations continue to offer remote working options to their employees, while also encouraging team members to work from a shared office space when desired or when required …

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leading hybrid teams

Leading hybrid teams | Tips and techniques for leaders

Leading hybrid teams presents a whole host of new challenges and concerns for leaders. If you’ve recently joined a hybrid team or are about to transition to a hybrid team structure, this article is for you. Read on to find out our best tips and techniques for leading hybrid teams.   Leading hybrid teams | …

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what is a hybrid team

What is a hybrid team

The world of work has changed a lot in the past few years, resulting in an increase in flexible work approaches. This includes the adoption of remote work where possible. Through your own research or in conversation with other professionals, you may have heard the term ‘hybrid team’. This begs the question, what is a …

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hybrid workforce

How to prepare for a hybrid workforce

It’s the new buzzword that’s set to shake up the world of work, but what goes into creating a successful hybrid workforce anyway? In our view, the best thing you can do to set your organisation up for success long-term is to make the necessary adjustments and build the structure required for the transition to …

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is virtual learning cheaper

Is virtual learning cheaper than face-to-face training?

Face-to-face training has been the standard in training delivery for a long time, but with the sudden shift to remote work in 2020, most organisations moved to offering virtual learning as an alternative. While many L&D professionals and organisational leaders were skeptical of virtual training delivery and its effectiveness, over the last few months opinions …

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12 must-read leadership books to add to your reading list

With the morning and evening commute out the window for most of us, we reckon it’s about time we fill up some of that spare time with some good quality leadership books. Adding a bit of personal development to your day really is quite simple when you think of it this way. So, if you’ve …

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