The Art of Mentoring

Mentoring can play a critical role in shaping connections, learning, growth and innovation within workplaces. But, done poorly, mentoring can be a weapon for ‘do it this way because it’s the way we’ve always done it around here’. There is an art to building great mentoring relationships that have a contribution beyond just someone great …

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Collaboration tools for remote teams

The results are in; productivity is higher, engagement is climbing, and employees are reporting greater sense of satisfaction in their job when it comes to hybrid and remote working. We’re getting the job done, but how are teams collaborating in this way of working? The ongoing challenge for remote and hybrid teams is being able …

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New Intelligence Leadership

New Intelligence Leadership: why it’s more than simply EQ rebadged In an ever-changing world, the conversation surrounding the requisite skills for leaders is quickly shifting. The old paradigms of skills-based leadership, while still useful in part, are not the basis for leadership in the future of work. The emergent conversation is around New Intelligence Leadership, …

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dealing with the tough stuff program

Five Types of Teams for 2022

5 Different Types of Teams for 2022 The way we work has changed across the last few years. It stands to reason then that the way we connect as teams is also evolving. What are the different types of teams that organisations need to think about in 2022? By definition, a team is: ‘a group …

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Fun Activities for Online Meetings

Three Fun Activities For Online Meetings When it comes to fun activities for online meetings, it can be the last thing on our list when we just need to get the work done. But the way that we work has changed. Remember when the world first moved en-masse away from face-to-face meetings in favour of …

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meeting-free workdays

The rise of meeting-free workdays

Not all meetings are created equal, but there’s no denying that they are an important element of what we call work.  Have you ever considered what it would be like to have meeting-free workdays in your organisation? Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of it, holding on to hope that someday soon you’ll have a clear calendar …

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workplace wellbeing initiatives

5 workplace wellbeing initiatives to inspire you

Workplace wellbeing initiatives have quickly moved up the ladder of prioritisation in workplaces globally since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. As workplaces continue to adjust to ongoing flexible work practices and rolling lockdowns, a proactive focus on both mental and physical employee wellbeing is essential for long-term success. There are plenty of organisations stepping …

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10 not lame virtual team building activities

10 (not lame) virtual team building activities

We’ve all been doing this work from home/hybrid work thing for a while now. And while your team may be kicking goals left right and center, your people might be hanging out for some time together that’s beyond the BAU. This is where having a list of 10 (not lame) virtual team building activities comes …

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conflict management in hybrid teams

How to approach conflict management in hybrid teams

Where there’s a workplace, there is inevitably going to be situations where conflict arises. In hybrid teams, operating in a mix of remote work and office-based work, conflict management can be a more challenging exercise. Whether you’ve identified conflict brewing amongst your team or would like to get ahead of it as you transition into …

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best digital whiteboard tools

The best digital whiteboard tools for hybrid team collaboration

When it comes to hybrid team collaboration, there’s nothing better than being able to gather your people for a highly interactive and engaging experience. Whether you’re planning on brainstorming concepts, reviewing progress and charting the course for the next sprint, or conducting a retrospective, a digital whiteboard tool can make the process much more enjoyable …

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