6 Must-read leadership books of 2022

6 Must-Read Leadership Books of 2022 Looking to expand your leadership skills in 2022? Have you made the New Years resolution to invest more in your own development? Here at PT books are our weakness. The expansion of ideas, the latest research and the challenge of possibility that great books offer is something we can’t …

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workplace wellbeing manifesto

Workplace wellbeing manifesto

Google’s workplace wellbeing manifesto has been making the rounds on LinkedIn as of late, and it’s something that’s certainly caught our attention. Given the disruption and uncertainty workplaces have faced throughout the pandemic, there is no better time to craft and share a meaningful wellbeing manifesto.  When done well, a workplace wellbeing manifesto offers employees …

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10 not lame virtual team building activities

10 (not lame) virtual team building activities

We’ve all been doing this work from home/hybrid work thing for a while now. And while your team may be kicking goals left right and center, your people might be hanging out for some time together that’s beyond the BAU. This is where having a list of 10 (not lame) virtual team building activities comes …

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what is employee experience

What is employee experience? A leader’s guide.

Employee Experience, otherwise referred to as ‘EX’ is an increasingly popular topic of discussion amongst both mid to large scale organisations as well as fast-moving start-ups. For those working in the People & Culture or Human Resources space, this comes as no surprise. While Employee Experience does sound similar to and can overlap with employee …

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How to create a great team offsite experience

With 2020 behind us and some new sensibilities emerging around how we come together as social distancing protocols start to ease, many teams are moving back to an age-old tradition/custom…the team offsite. Before we cue the collective eye-rolling of the introverts who think that a day or two immersed in a group conversation (argh!) is …

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how to support women in leadership

How to support women in leadership

Do you want to support women in leadership across your organisation, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve taken a look at the events of 2020 across equality and diversity and are feeling a pull to make a change. Either way, today we’re going to help you out by giving you some actionable steps …

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why are there fewer women in leadership

Why are there fewer women in leadership positions?

With equality and diversity firmly in focus this year, many workplaces are now questioning the reasons behind why there are statistically fewer women in leadership positions compared to their male counterparts. Perhaps you’ve pondered this yourself from time to time. Maybe an experience in your workplace caught you off guard and made you question this …

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7 ways covid-19 has changed our workplaces forever

7 ways COVID-19 has changed our workplaces forever

The world has changed quite dramatically, in many different ways, since COVID-19 turned up on our doorsteps. Every leader across every continent has seen their organisation and the people within it impacted by the societal and economic challenges COVID-19 has brought with it. Some of these changes have bordered on heartbreaking, but other changes have …

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motivational storm

Why Tuesday 14th April 2020 is the beginning of motivational armageddon

In a time where almost every headline is screaming ‘crisis’ and ‘catastrophe’ in all caps, you may find yourself becoming numb to another dramatic headline.  If you hadn’t arrived here, I wouldn’t blame you for inoculating yourself from more drama in what has been an extraordinary few weeks. But I confess, the term ‘motivational armageddon’ …

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slack dropbox integration

12 practical Slack integrations to help you manage your remote team

If your team is working remotely there’s a good chance that you’re using Slack as your primary communication method. It’s a ripper of a tool that helps boost collaboration and minimise the need for back-and-forth emails.  And while Slack is pretty great on its own, you can take its effectiveness to the next level by …

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