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12 practical Slack integrations to help you manage your remote team

If your team is working remotely there’s a good chance that you’re using Slack as your primary communication method. It’s a ripper of a tool that helps boost collaboration and minimise the need for back-and-forth emails. 

And while Slack is pretty great on its own, you can take its effectiveness to the next level by adding in a few smart integrations. 

There’s plenty of apps that you can add to your organisation’s Slack account to improve productivity, reduce digital friction and there’s even a couple that’ll help you strengthen your workplace culture and team morale

As you can probably tell we’re just about ready to drop down on our knees and propose…but we’ll wait until we finish sharing this list of practical Slack integrations with you. 


Practical Slack integrations to help you manage your remote team.


Reduce ‘Digital Friction’ with these Slack integrations:



Pricing: FREE (Zoom subscription sold separately)

If you’re working remotely we can almost guarantee that you’ve signed your team up to Zoom and are running virtual meetings through that platform. To make it easier for your team to coordinate zoom meetings (and remember to show up to them) integrate Zoom into your Slack account.

Click here to integrate Zoom with your Slack account.



how to integrate google drive with slack


Pricing: FREE (Google Drive subscription sold separately)

Google Drive is a fantastic cloud-based solution for businesses collaborating virtually. With Google Drive you can store images, videos, documents and resources like your remote work guidelines.

Reduce the steps it takes for your team to get to the documents they need by integrating Google Drive into your Slack account.

Click here to integrate Google Drive with your Slack account.



Pricing: FREE 

If your team uses Google Calendar to book virtual meetings and rallies installing this Slack integration will be a game-changer. Google Cal will send team members reminders for their upcoming meetings and will even change their Slack status to let others in the team know when they’re unavailable.

Click here to integrate Google Calendar with your Slack account.



Pricing: FREE (Dropbox subscription sold separately)

If you aren’t using Google Drive for cloud storage and document sharing, you’re probably using Dropbox. If that’s the case, take a few minutes to install the Dropbox integration for Slack to reduce digital friction for your team.

Click here to integrate Dropbox with your Slack account.



Improve Task Management with these Slack integrations:



Pricing: FREE (Jira subscription sold separately)

Are you using Jira to manage projects and tasks? Thankfully you can integrate both Jira and Confluence (two incredible products from Atlassian) with your business Slack account.

With the Jira Slack integration you’ll be able to view contextual updates (like when someone has made a comment or added a new Jira issue) and you can even add Jira projects to certain channels so you’re always up to date.

Click here to integrate Jira with your Slack account.


Pricing: FREE (Trello subscription sold separately)

Are you using Trello to manage projects and tasks? Make it easy for your team to collaborate, create new tasks and add team members to boards with this Slack integration.

Click here to integrate Trello with your Slack account. 



slack integration busyon


Pricing: $7/month for most features (BusyOn pricing info)

If you are a manager or leader in your organisation you’re going to LOVE this Slack integration. BusyOn gives team managers real-time reports on their team’s tasks. While this isn’t a replacement for scheduling regular check ins with your team, it is a wonderful addition to your virtual leaders toolbox.

Click here to integrate BusyOn to your Slack account.


Pricing: Free

Do you need to get feedback on ideas or creative concepts? Simple Poll is a useful tool for simplifying opinion crowd-sourcing by allowing your team to create quick polls in Slack channels.

Click here to integrate Simple Poll to your Slack account.



Strengthen Workplace Culture with these Slack integrations:



hey taco slack integration

Pricing: Starting from $3/mo per Slack user (Hey Taco! pricing info)

Want to encourage your team to regularly share praise for one another? There’s a lot of science behind the power of positive reinforcement and in times like these, positivity and kindness has never been more important.

Hey Taco! Is a great tool to add to your HR toolkit. It does come at a cost, but you can get started with a 60-day free trial to see if you love it as much as we do.

Click here to integrate Hey Taco! with your Slack account.



Pricing: $0 for 24 people in 1 channel OR $49 month (Donut pricing info)

Want to boost team morale while working remotely? We’d recommend setting up a roulette-style daily or weekly meeting between team members with the help of this Slack integration, Donut.

The intention of Donut is to encourage team members to connect on a personal level, which as you’ll know from Dealing with the Tough Stuff is essential for a healthy workplace culture.

Click here to integrate Donut with your Slack account.



Pricing: FREE

Want to make sure that your team are staying hydrated, rested and are performing at their peak? The best way to do this is to encourage wellbeing check-ins regularly. To do this, integrate Flexbot and let your team know about it. It’ll pop up throughout the day to remind your team to drink water, stretch and breathe. You can even customise your own reminders. If you’ve done our Science of Recovery program with us you’ll know exactly what to use your customised messages for.

Click here to integrate Flexbot with your Slack account.



Pricing: FREE

Okay, okay… we know.

You probably already have Giphy integrated but if you are the 1% that don’t, make sure to add it to your Slack workspace today. Seriously, it’s way more fun than emojis.

Click here to integrate Giphy with your Slack account.


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