The Art of Mentoring

Mentoring can play a critical role in shaping connections, learning, growth and innovation within workplaces. But, done poorly, mentoring can be a weapon for ‘do it this way because it’s the way we’ve always done it around here’. There is an art to building great mentoring relationships that have a contribution beyond just someone great …

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Boost productivity and focus with Time Blocking

Time is your most valuable asset. Mastering it is crucial to maximising both your output and impact. And because the whole reason we talk about time management is that we don’t seem to have much time in the first place, the most effective techniques are often those that are simple, intuitive, and instantly implementable. Time …

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6 Must-Read Leadership Books for 2023

Across the last few years, regardless of industry, leaders have needed to step into uncertainty and shifting environments at a rapid pace; and great leaders have risen to this challenge. As 2023 starts to settle in these leaders bring with them recent skills, lessons and tools in order to adapt, shift and align teams and …

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dealing with the tough stuff program

Five Types of Teams for 2022

5 Different Types of Teams for 2022 The way we work has changed across the last few years. It stands to reason then that the way we connect as teams is also evolving. What are the different types of teams that organisations need to think about in 2022? By definition, a team is: ‘a group …

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What are the benefits of leadership training?

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re trained. And if you aren’t investing in training your leaders, you are missing a vital opportunity to shape your culture. So what are the benefits of leadership training? Leadership training helps to change behaviour, and in today’s ever evolving hybrid-virtual-contact world, having leaders with the confidence and skills to evolve …

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6 Must-read leadership books of 2022

6 Must-Read Leadership Books of 2022 Looking to expand your leadership skills in 2022? Have you made the New Years resolution to invest more in your own development? Here at PT books are our weakness. The expansion of ideas, the latest research and the challenge of possibility that great books offer is something we can’t …

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what is employee experience

What is employee experience? A leader’s guide.

Employee Experience, otherwise referred to as ‘EX’ is an increasingly popular topic of discussion amongst both mid to large scale organisations as well as fast-moving start-ups. For those working in the People & Culture or Human Resources space, this comes as no surprise. While Employee Experience does sound similar to and can overlap with employee …

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australian employers embracing a hybrid work model into the future

Australian employers embracing a hybrid work model into the future

Flexible working practices are here to stay as Australian employers embrace the way our workplaces have transformed since the global pandemic of 2020.  With employees across the country having built up the reps and know-how to make working remotely a success long-term, workplaces from the banking sector to healthcare are reimagining the modern workplace structure. …

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nam baldwin interview

Nam Baldwin Interview – Lift others by your presence

Today’s guest is one of Australia’s most sought after high performance coaches – he is the well kept secret of elite athletes including Sally Fitzgibbons, 7 x world champion Steph Gilmore, 3x world champion Mick Fanning, 2 x world champion Chumpy Pullen, sporting teams (such as the Sydney Roosters, Richmond Tigers, and recently worked with …

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workplace trends 2021

Workplace trends set to dominate 2021

Change is constant; although this year it seems to have come lightning fast. Across all areas; workplaces, societies and economies, there’s been a great deal of change throughout 2020. But as we look towards the future we’re mindful that there’s plenty more where this came from.  Today we’re going to take some time out to …

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