learning and development for a hybrid workforce

Learning and development for a hybrid workforce

Learning and development for a hybrid workforce presents quite the challenge for learning leaders who need to restructure and reconsider both the content and the delivery of L&D initiatives.  A hybrid workforce is far more dynamic than the traditional in-office workforce, and employees recently undertaking the transition to a hybrid working model have vastly different …

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the perfect hybrid working split

The perfect hybrid working split for employees

The perfect hybrid working split for employees may seem hard to find, especially if you’ve been tasked with coming up with your workplace’s new hybrid working policy. However, we’ve recently conducted a survey into the state of remote work in Australia and what we’ve found is quite astounding.  So, if you’re pondering the perfect hybrid …

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australian employers embracing a hybrid work model into the future

Australian employers embracing a hybrid work model into the future

Flexible working practices are here to stay as Australian employers embrace the way our workplaces have transformed since the global pandemic of 2020.  With employees across the country having built up the reps and know-how to make working remotely a success long-term, workplaces from the banking sector to healthcare are reimagining the modern workplace structure. …

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what does hybrid work mean

What does ‘hybrid work’ mean

If you’ve moseyed on over here we reckon you’re pretty keen to find out what does ‘hybrid work’ mean – as in, what is the definition of ‘hybrid work’ and how is hybrid work going to impact you and your workplace over the coming years. You’ve likely heard the whispers (or full-blown shouts) for increased …

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books for leaders and organisations adopting a hybrid working environment

Books for leaders and organisations adopting a hybrid working environment

When moving to a hybrid working environment as a leader, the journey can be fraught with new challenges, unseen inefficiencies and a sense that there’s something… missing. But what is that something, and how do you ensure that your processes and leadership approaches are meeting the mark for a high performing hybrid team? Whilst there’s …

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challenges of adopting hybrid work

The challenges of adopting a hybrid work approach

If you’re dangling on the edge of introducing WFA in your organisation, this article is for you. While we’re big advocates for the wide-scale move to flexible working and hybrid teams, we know that there are challenges on the horizon. Challenges that make their way into leadership conversations, and leave us teetering on the edge …

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how to work from home effectively

How to work from home effectively and efficiently

We’ve been doing this work from home thing for quite some time at this point, and throughout all the challenges and winding roads we’ve encountered along the way, we’ve found what works too. As a high performing hybrid team we have experimented with the different strategies and techniques for working from home and have come …

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how to host impactful team gatherings

How to host impactful team gatherings in a hybrid work scenario

Hybrid work teams, just like in-office teams, need opportunities for connection and professional development in a team-based environment. It is part cultural, part social. In the hurry, haste and ambition to move away from co-location as a team, it’s easy to forget the amazing connection that occurs when groups come together, and that’s something we’re …

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benefits of adopting a work from anywhere approach

Benefits of adopting a Work From Anywhere approach in your workplace

A battle royale has emerged in workplaces in our post-COVID world. A title with a huge reward for the victor…welcome to the fight for the future of work. [cue ring announcer voice] In the red corner, are the co-located office traditionalists. Weighing in with decades of inbuilt expectation and a proven track record. The former …

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How PT is helping WFA teams

Work From Anywhere is an approach that’s set to transform our workplaces and take the world by storm over the next 12 months. With many organisations preparing for this day for months in advance, we’re proud to say we’ve seen companies across Australia go from strength to strength by adopting this philosophy. We’ve been lucky …

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