How PT is helping WFA teams

Work From Anywhere is an approach that’s set to transform our workplaces and take the world by storm over the next 12 months. With many organisations preparing for this day for months in advance, we’re proud to say we’ve seen companies across Australia go from strength to strength by adopting this philosophy.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s most passionate and committed workplaces in the move to Work From Anywhere. After all that’s said and done, we think the results speak for themselves.


How Pragmatic Thinking are helping WFA teams


McCormick Australia

As the coronavirus crisis swept Australia in the beginning of March 2020, McCormick Australia moved quickly to a remote working environment for large sections of its business. With global uncertainty mounting week after week it became clear that the shift to virtual collaboration and leading teams through uncertainty was not a short-term situation but rather, a long-term approach.

Delivered virtually from the world-class PTV studio, the McCormick Leadership Masterclass Series took place across four 90-minute training sessions, each a fortnight apart, to allow leaders to put their learnings into practice along the way. To ensure that all 90 attendees were able to attend the sessions, we provided flexible learning options with sessions run in both morning and afternoon time slots.


Laminex Australia

By way of providing inspiration, guidance and support to their teams during a highly challenging year, we worked with Laminex to deliver our Virtual Leaders program across 9 cohorts with a total of 104 participants.

Throughout the development of their new WFA strategies, they defined their 5 C’s of effective remote work to help leaders, teams and individuals navigate the learning and experiments that lay ahead.

The five C’s? They’re communication, connection, collaboration, celebration and courage. Some of our favourite words in the dictionary.

No longer does work begin the minute you walk into the office. It is with this insight, among others, that will continue to guide the evolution of Laminex.


Queensland Health

The fast-paced move to remote working called for new leadership frameworks, shorter feedback loops, and a radical shift in workplace communication.

Senior leaders in Queensland Health’s Preventative Health Branch were keen to develop their skills in this area, reaching out to Pragmatic Thinking to ensure a strong focus on both performance and people.

Since the completion of the program, Queensland Health’s Preventative Health Branch has made the commitment to implement parts of the Virtual Leaders framework into their overarching management and leadership practices long-term. They have seen this as their new way of leading and re-imagining the workplace moving forward. With many organisations playing catch-up in this space, this group of forward-thinking leaders is already ahead of the pack.


Are you ready to embrace Work From Anywhere in your workplace, or at least put the idea on the table? We’ve got something to help you on your way. 

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