Collaboration tools for remote teams

The results are in; productivity is higher, engagement is climbing, and employees are reporting greater sense of satisfaction in their job when it comes to hybrid and remote working. We’re getting the job done, but how are teams collaborating in this way of working? The ongoing challenge for remote and hybrid teams is being able …

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dealing with the tough stuff program

Five Types of Teams for 2022

5 Different Types of Teams for 2022 The way we work has changed across the last few years. It stands to reason then that the way we connect as teams is also evolving. What are the different types of teams that organisations need to think about in 2022? By definition, a team is: ‘a group …

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Fun Activities for Online Meetings

Three Fun Activities For Online Meetings When it comes to fun activities for online meetings, it can be the last thing on our list when we just need to get the work done. But the way that we work has changed. Remember when the world first moved en-masse away from face-to-face meetings in favour of …

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conflict management in hybrid teams

How to approach conflict management in hybrid teams

Where there’s a workplace, there is inevitably going to be situations where conflict arises. In hybrid teams, operating in a mix of remote work and office-based work, conflict management can be a more challenging exercise. Whether you’ve identified conflict brewing amongst your team or would like to get ahead of it as you transition into …

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best digital whiteboard tools

The best digital whiteboard tools for hybrid team collaboration

When it comes to hybrid team collaboration, there’s nothing better than being able to gather your people for a highly interactive and engaging experience. Whether you’re planning on brainstorming concepts, reviewing progress and charting the course for the next sprint, or conducting a retrospective, a digital whiteboard tool can make the process much more enjoyable …

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leaders of hybrid teams

5 key areas of focus for leaders of hybrid teams

As a leader of hybrid teams, we have a feeling you’d be interested in knowing the five most prevalent challenges that have been identified in our recent research of hybrid teams.  The five most pressing challenges, when addressed through meaningful action, training, and guidance, can be overcome. If you’re in the pursuit of high performance …

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asynchronous vs synchronous communication

Asynchronous vs Synchronous communication in hybrid teams

The balance between asynchronous and synchronous communication in hybrid teams is an important dynamic to consider as a leader or manager. The two types of communication require different standards, supporting structures and expectations laid out by leadership in order to remain effective and meaningful as your hybrid team works together into the future.  The distinction …

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psychological safety in a hybrid workplace

How to create psychological safety in a hybrid workplace

Psychological safety in a hybrid workplace is important (and foundational) for the long-term success of teams, but it can be much more challenging to uphold. As we already know from studies centred around co-located teams, psychological safety is a big contributing factor to creative thinking, innovation, and employee engagement. Psychological safety in a working environment …

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why you will lose the war on talent

Why you will lose the war on talent if you don’t embrace hybrid work

The call for more workplace flexibility is strong. If you’ve recently been swayed to this side, welcome. If you’ve been an advocate since the dawn of time, hello again old friend. Hybrid work is something we’re incredibly passionate about at Pragmatic Thinking, but it wasn’t always this way. To be completely transparent with you, for …

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should we go back to the office

Should we go back to the office?

The conversations are hot, and as leaders we’re well and truly in the debate.  Should we have our people go back to the office, or not? Is it time that we go back to the way we used to ‘do’ work?  Or if we do extend our flexible approach we’ve been adopting since COVID what …

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