international womens day

How we’re choosing to challenge on International Women’s Day 2021

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’, which is quite the call-to-action if we say so ourselves. Many of us often ask questions about why there are fewer women in leadership positions, and ponder what can be done to support women in leadership, but where’s the action? It’s time we challenge stereotypes, …

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why are there fewer women in leadership

Why are there fewer women in leadership positions?

With equality and diversity firmly in focus this year, many workplaces are now questioning the reasons behind why there are statistically fewer women in leadership positions compared to their male counterparts. Perhaps you’ve pondered this yourself from time to time. Maybe an experience in your workplace caught you off guard and made you question this …

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women in leadership statistics

Eye-opening women in leadership statistics everyone should know

Would you like to create a more inclusive workplace environment for women? In order to move forward in this pursuit it’s worthwhile taking the time to reflect on what the statistics are showing about women in leadership. Change is happening. Unilever recently announced that it has achieved gender balance across management globally, a year before …

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female leaders

5 female leaders everyone can learn from

Stepping into a new level of leadership can be daunting. It’s worthwhile taking the time to listen to and learn from the stories of others. Today we’re sharing five podcast episodes featuring female leaders that will inspire you to take your career to new heights. You’ll learn from an expert voice coach, the CEO of …

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