Science of Recovery

Re-energise and find peak performance.

Science of Recovery

Developing people that can cope with the pace of change and the stress that comes with it are keys to success in today’s demanding workplace where anxiety and burnout are not uncommon.

In this evolving environment where the intensity and pressure of work is unlikely to lessen, adaptive, recovery-focussed behaviour is paramount to build individual resilience and create a network of empowered staff.

Our Science of Recovery program is based on research and human behaviour, using science-driven technology to put strategies for proactive recovery into action. Focusing on four domains: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the program explores the importance of recovery in a modern workplace – and its role in achieving peak performance.

Across the program you’ll learn a range of stress-reduction techniques and practical ways to take your peak performance to new levels, effectively building your capacity for resilience.

Science of Recovery
Master State

Learn to regulate and master your physiological and psychological state.

Science of Recovery
Energy and Recovery

Understand your natural rhythms of energy and recovery across time.

Science of Recovery
Habit Formation

Learn the tools to develop and build habits for recovery and success.

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