Fun Activities for Online Meetings

Three Fun Activities For Online Meetings When it comes to fun activities for online meetings, it can be the last thing on our list when we just need to get the work done. But the way that we work has changed. Remember when the world first moved en-masse away from face-to-face meetings in favour of …

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What are the benefits of leadership training?

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re trained. And if you aren’t investing in training your leaders, you are missing a vital opportunity to shape your culture. So what are the benefits of leadership training? Leadership training helps to change behaviour, and in today’s ever evolving hybrid-virtual-contact world, having leaders with the confidence and skills to evolve …

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Is leadership training effective?

If you learned a new language for a day, and then never spoke it again. Would that have been an effective use of your time? Unlikely. The same is true for leadership training, for it to be effective, it needs to be put into action. True leadership development only becomes a return on investment when …

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australian employers embracing a hybrid work model into the future

Is leadership training important?

Short answer—yes. Long answer—also yes—if it’s effective training. A question often gets asked by some organisations – ‘What if you train people and they leave? All that investment, walking out the door. It’s true and it can happen. But there’s a confronting alternative. What if you DON’T train your people and they STAY?’. The way …

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6 Must-read leadership books of 2022

6 Must-Read Leadership Books of 2022 Looking to expand your leadership skills in 2022? Have you made the New Years resolution to invest more in your own development? Here at PT books are our weakness. The expansion of ideas, the latest research and the challenge of possibility that great books offer is something we can’t …

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building resilience through locus of control

Building resilience through locus of control

It’s no secret that over the last 18+ months we’ve experienced on a global scale significantly challenging circumstances, relentless change, with ongoing uncertainty lingering in the background.  Now more than ever, we as individuals and as leaders in the workplace want to build resilience. Actually, it’s more than a want, it’s a need. For us …

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conflict management in hybrid teams

How to approach conflict management in hybrid teams

Where there’s a workplace, there is inevitably going to be situations where conflict arises. In hybrid teams, operating in a mix of remote work and office-based work, conflict management can be a more challenging exercise. Whether you’ve identified conflict brewing amongst your team or would like to get ahead of it as you transition into …

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how to achieve behaviour change in the workplace

How to achieve behaviour change in the workplace

While behaviour change in the workplace is possible, it’s a situation that can leave managers and leaders feeling lost. Approaching the topic of poor behaviour in the workplace, or simply behaviour that doesn’t meet the requirements or standards of a role can be daunting.  It’s a minefield of a situation with many ways in which …

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leaders of hybrid teams

5 key areas of focus for leaders of hybrid teams

As a leader of hybrid teams, we have a feeling you’d be interested in knowing the five most prevalent challenges that have been identified in our recent research of hybrid teams.  The five most pressing challenges, when addressed through meaningful action, training, and guidance, can be overcome. If you’re in the pursuit of high performance …

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asynchronous vs synchronous communication

Asynchronous vs Synchronous communication in hybrid teams

The balance between asynchronous and synchronous communication in hybrid teams is an important dynamic to consider as a leader or manager. The two types of communication require different standards, supporting structures and expectations laid out by leadership in order to remain effective and meaningful as your hybrid team works together into the future.  The distinction …

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