5 challenges of work from anywhere

5 challenges of Work from Anywhere to prepare for

After adopting a Work From Anywhere approach in your organisation you may find yourselves stumbling over (or falling deep-down-into) some mighty challenges. If you’re keen to get a head star and prepare for the many challenges of Work From Anywhere, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dig into the tough stuff – it’s kind …

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what is work from anywhere

What is Work From Anywhere? | A Straight-Forward Guide to Work From Anywhere

Teams operating in a Work From Anywhere (WFA) fashion are not new. For years and even decades, many teams have managed to facilitate a functioning work environment remotely; some spectacularly well.  A few rare companies with valuations now in the billions have been distributed for decades, or at least since the advent of the internet. …

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international womens day

How we’re choosing to challenge on International Women’s Day 2021

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’, which is quite the call-to-action if we say so ourselves. Many of us often ask questions about why there are fewer women in leadership positions, and ponder what can be done to support women in leadership, but where’s the action? It’s time we challenge stereotypes, …

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virtual leadership skills business outcomes

How do virtual leadership skills impact business outcomes?

Virtual leadership skills were one of the most sought-after skill sets in the last twelve months, and they certainly aren’t going down in popularity anytime soon. However, what’s the real benefit of these skills on a business level? How do virtual leadership skills impact business outcomes in a tangible, visible way? Today we’re going to …

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how to support women in leadership

How to support women in leadership

Do you want to support women in leadership across your organisation, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve taken a look at the events of 2020 across equality and diversity and are feeling a pull to make a change. Either way, today we’re going to help you out by giving you some actionable steps …

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why are there fewer women in leadership

Why are there fewer women in leadership positions?

With equality and diversity firmly in focus this year, many workplaces are now questioning the reasons behind why there are statistically fewer women in leadership positions compared to their male counterparts. Perhaps you’ve pondered this yourself from time to time. Maybe an experience in your workplace caught you off guard and made you question this …

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identify the strengths of your team

How to identify the strengths of your team

For managers and leaders alike, being able to identify the strengths of your team is an invaluable skill. It can not only help you to more effectively allocate tasks and projects but can also allow your team to flourish and achieve new levels of high performance. If you’re wanting to take your team to the …

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managing hybrid teams

How to manage your hybrid team effectively

When it comes to managing hybrid teams there are plenty of unique situations, conversations, and challenges that can arise. The hybrid team structure is becoming increasingly popular as organisations continue to offer remote working options to their employees, while also encouraging team members to work from a shared office space when desired or when required …

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leading hybrid teams

Leading hybrid teams | Tips and techniques for leaders

Leading hybrid teams presents a whole host of new challenges and concerns for leaders. If you’ve recently joined a hybrid team or are about to transition to a hybrid team structure, this article is for you. Read on to find out our best tips and techniques for leading hybrid teams.   The definition of hybrid …

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12 must-read leadership books to add to your reading list

With the morning and evening commute out the window for most of us, we reckon it’s about time we fill up some of that spare time with some good quality leadership books. Adding a bit of personal development to your day really is quite simple when you think of it this way. So, if you’ve …

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