coaching your team

The difference between managing and coaching your team

Ever caught yourself thinking, “What IS the difference between managing and coaching your team anyway?” – if you’re nodding your head, know that you’re not alone in this pondering. While there’s always plenty of talk in the leadership community about management styles, coaching is a concept that has increased in popularity in recent years. With an …

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Four common responses to change in the workplace

Right now we’re in a time of large-scale change across various industries, workplaces and more accurately, a global level.  Regardless of the scale of change, there are typically four main behavioural responses that people will have to change in a workplace context. It’s important for you as a manager or leader to know how best …

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virtual meeting

How to effectively prepare for a virtual meeting with your team

As a manager and leader, it’s up to you to guide your team through the muddy waters of working from home. One of the best ways you can support your team through this upheaval in workplace routine is to prioritise your preparation for team meetings. When you show up organised, on time and ready to …

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motivational storm

Why Tuesday 14th April 2020 is the beginning of motivational armageddon

In a time where almost every headline is screaming ‘crisis’ and ‘catastrophe’ in all caps, you may find yourself becoming numb to another dramatic headline.  If you hadn’t arrived here, I wouldn’t blame you for inoculating yourself from more drama in what has been an extraordinary few weeks. But I confess, the term ‘motivational armageddon’ …

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women in leadership statistics

Eye-opening women in leadership statistics everyone should know

Would you like to create a more inclusive workplace environment for women? In order to move forward in this pursuit it’s worthwhile taking the time to reflect on what the statistics are showing about women in leadership. Change is happening. Unilever recently announced that it has achieved gender balance across management globally, a year before …

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great managers

Great managers never say these things to their teams

What makes a great manager? I could list off a plethora of technical skills that you would probably agree are useful. But when it comes down to it, what separates a great manager from a mediocre or even a good one is how they treat their people. Sweet, job done, article finished. Okay, maybe not. …

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brene brown

Leadership lessons from Brené Brown

We’re 99.99% sure that you’ve heard of Brené Brown. She’s a modern-day icon, an accomplished TED Talker and the author of five New York Times bestsellers. At Pragmatic Thinking, we’re huge fans of Brené’s research and so it made sense that we’d head on down to see Brené on-stage at her recent tour. Alison (our …

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the pygmalion effect

How the Pygmalion Effect could be impacting your teams’ performance

If this is the first time you’ve heard about the Pygmalion Effect, we want to assure you, a Pygmalion is not a type of tree-dwelling animal (wouldn’t that be a great name for one though?). Otherwise known as the Rosenthal effect, it’s a term used to describe the surprising link between higher expectations and an …

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girl at desk

Why you should know the difference between behaviours and traits

As a manager, knowing the difference between behaviours and traits will help you to achieve outcomes from key conversations. The best way to remove confusion and assumptions that can arise in feedback conversations comes from stepping out of using traits, and instead, making a point to discuss desired behaviours. Read on to learn how you …

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The do’s and don’ts of public speaking

Did you know that some people fear public speaking more than death? We’re guessing that isn’t you ‘cause you’ve clicked on this article. At Pragmatic Thinking, our expert facilitators do public speaking every single day and thanks to them, we’ve got a tonne of tips and tricks up our sleeves. In saying that, here are …

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