why you will lose the war on talent

Why you will lose the war on talent if you don’t embrace hybrid work

The call for more workplace flexibility is strong. If you’ve recently been swayed to this side, welcome. If you’ve been an advocate since the dawn of time, hello again old friend. Hybrid work is something we’re incredibly passionate about at Pragmatic Thinking, but it wasn’t always this way. To be completely transparent with you, for …

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should we go back to the office

Should we go back to the office?

The conversations are hot, and as leaders we’re well and truly in the debate.  Should we have our people go back to the office, or not? Is it time that we go back to the way we used to ‘do’ work?  Or if we do extend our flexible approach we’ve been adopting since COVID what …

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what does hybrid work mean

What does ‘hybrid work’ mean

If you’ve moseyed on over here we reckon you’re pretty keen to find out what does ‘hybrid work’ mean – as in, what is the definition of ‘hybrid work’ and how is hybrid work going to impact you and your workplace over the coming years. You’ve likely heard the whispers (or full-blown shouts) for increased …

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challenges of adopting hybrid work

The challenges of adopting a hybrid work approach

If you’re dangling on the edge of introducing WFA in your organisation, this article is for you. While we’re big advocates for the wide-scale move to flexible working and hybrid teams, we know that there are challenges on the horizon. Challenges that make their way into leadership conversations, and leave us teetering on the edge …

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