About Rohan Dredge

For more than two decades Rohan has taught leaders the essential skills to help them make the leap from someone who is great at their job to someone who is outstanding at leading people.

With a Masters in Educational Psychology, the lived experience of leading large teams in fast growth environments and a vast knowledge developed by Exec Coaching some of Australia’s most impressive business leaders, Rohan’s leadership style at Pragmatic Thinking is hands-on, client-facing and energetic.

Rohan Dredge CEO

Find out more

Keen to find out more about Rohan and his work then we’d encourage you to explore the links below:


Connect with Rohan on LinkedIn here
YouTube – The New World of Work interview

between Rohan, Darren and Ali



Rohan’s current insight into Executive experiences in 2022


For Leaders Global Podcast

Tune into this conversation between Rohan and Ali as part of the podcast.

Since April 2020 Rohan has been connecting with and interviewing leaders from a wide-range of backgrounds and expertise. These insights are valuable for any leader. 


Why we’re excited

The energetic heartbeat of Pragmatic Thinking, Rohan provides direction, inspiration and commitment to producing next-practice client delivery of the wider team at PT.

Knowing Roh as a trusted friend for over a decade and having worked alongside him in the leadership and culture space we couldn’t be more excited to have Rohan bring his trademark energy to our team and the difference-makers we work alongside everyday.


Want a pop him a line to say ‘congrat’s’ shoot him an email at: rohan@pragmaticthinking.com.