What are the benefits of leadership training?

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re trained. And if you aren’t investing in training your leaders, you are missing a vital opportunity to shape your culture. So what are the benefits of leadership training? Leadership training helps to change behaviour, and in today’s ever evolving hybrid-virtual-contact world, having leaders with the confidence and skills to evolve …

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Is leadership training effective?

If you learned a new language for a day, and then never spoke it again. Would that have been an effective use of your time? Unlikely. The same is true for leadership training, for it to be effective, it needs to be put into action. True leadership development only becomes a return on investment when …

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australian employers embracing a hybrid work model into the future

Is leadership training important?

Short answer—yes. Long answer—also yes—if it’s effective training. A question often gets asked by some organisations – ‘What if you train people and they leave? All that investment, walking out the door. It’s true and it can happen. But there’s a confronting alternative. What if you DON’T train your people and they STAY?’. The way …

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challenges of adopting hybrid work

The challenges of adopting a hybrid work approach

If you’re dangling on the edge of introducing WFA in your organisation, this article is for you. While we’re big advocates for the wide-scale move to flexible working and hybrid teams, we know that there are challenges on the horizon. Challenges that make their way into leadership conversations, and leave us teetering on the edge …

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how to work from home effectively

How to work from home effectively and efficiently

We’ve been doing this work from home thing for quite some time at this point, and throughout all the challenges and winding roads we’ve encountered along the way, we’ve found what works too. As a high performing hybrid team we have experimented with the different strategies and techniques for working from home and have come …

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virtual leadership skills business outcomes

How do virtual leadership skills impact business outcomes?

Virtual leadership skills were one of the most sought-after skill sets in the last twelve months, and they certainly aren’t going down in popularity anytime soon. However, what’s the real benefit of these skills on a business level? How do virtual leadership skills impact business outcomes in a tangible, visible way? Today we’re going to …

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collaboration for hybrid teams

Collaboration for hybrid teams | How to collaborate effectively in hybrid teams

Collaboration for hybrid teams can be a challenge, but that’s not to say that other teams don’t face similar or the very same challenges in the pursuit for excellence. Collaboration is a long-standing, never-ending conundrum for many of us. But with hybrid teams navigating having half of their team working remote with the others working …

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best tools for teams working virtually

What are the best tools for teams working virtually

For teams working virtually, there’s a seemingly endless array of digital tools and apps at their fingertips. They all claim to be the best at organising, simplifying and supporting our virtual team get-togethers, but which ones are truly the best? How do you know which virtual team connection tool is going to give you the …

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virtual learning masterclasses

8 reasons to consider virtual learning masterclasses

Virtual learning has certainly picked up in popularity over the last six months, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, today we’re going to explore a type of virtual learning that you may not have yet considered, but one that’ll make a big difference to your people. Read on to find out why …

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is virtual learning cheaper

Is virtual learning cheaper than face-to-face training?

Face-to-face training has been the standard in training delivery for a long time, but with the sudden shift to remote work in 2020, most organisations moved to offering virtual learning as an alternative. While many L&D professionals and organisational leaders were skeptical of virtual training delivery and its effectiveness, over the last few months opinions …

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