Hello… We are Pragmatic Thinking

Science Blending. Culture Bending.

At Pragmatic Thinking we make a difference to the difference-makers.

We do this by blending the twin sciences of behaviour and motivation (and then design it beautifully) to shift strategy and shape culture. At least, that’s what we tell the big-wigs when we catch ‘em in elevators.

We make top-shelf, bespoke leadership programs, meaningful and interactive learning experiences, and stunning collaterals. And we serve as trusted advisors for the heads of business navigating cultural change, because we know what we’re talking about and have a track record to prove it.

Whatever it is we make/teach/advise though, we won’t do it unless it’s grounded in research, expertly presented, beautifully designed, and confidently pragmatic. Because that’s what’s going to make a difference.

Alison Hill


As a professional ‘head-mechanic’ Ali has worked with ‘em all. From high- falutin’ Executives through to people suffering with chronic pain (hey, they might actually be the same!) Alison specialises in assisting individuals and teams transition through the tough stuff. We really love working with Alison at Pragmatic Thinking...she actually listens to us; like, err without even checking Facebook or Instagram or stuff; it’s a unique skill.

Darren Hill

Founder/Behavioural Scientist

Darren understands people like few others. A Behavioural Scientist, Darren studies people at work for a living. The rest of team find this really awkward sometimes...(it’s like he’s watching ALL the time) Darren is a country lad with a city brain, making him a great guy to talk business strategy with, but also handy if you need to herd cattle… as you do.

Marc Fickling

Director of Business

Marc gets his daily froth on as our Director of Business. A country lad who started out as a chalkie (teacher) he has immersed himself in corporate education cultures in recent years and brings a whole-heap-o talent into helping us design and deliver cracking programs. Born in Longreach, Marc has a blackbelt in banjo playing and a talent for discussing weather conditions for the first 5 minutes of every conversation.

James Stewart


As a guy who gets excited about project planning, operational efficiencies and training for ridiculously long triathlon races, you’d assume James (or Jimmy) is, well, a bit of a nerd. And you’d be right. But he’s the type of nerd who is also delightful company, smiles easily and leads our team with a great heart. So he might just take over the world if we don’t keep an eye on him…

Tracy Tregenza

EA Extraordinaire

A self confessed organising junkie, Tracy loves nothing more than seeing a plan come together. She’s the EA that teaches other EA’s how it’s done. Her ability to read a situation and know what needs to happen before you realise there’s even a problem is uncanny. The backbone of Pragmatic Thinking, Tracy is the go-to gal on how things are run. She’s also an avid foodie, a cake-maker extraordinaire, and the protector of ‘special’ dogs.

Kym Davis

Creative Lead

Kym is an uber-talented creative who does much more than just schmick up our collaterals; she obsesses about engagement and workflow design. Having worked with some of the biggest brand agencies in Australia, we expected her to rock up Don Draper style on her first day; drinking Scotch at 10am in the morning. Turns out though, she has two little kids, so just craves adult company and LOTS of coffee.

Kylie Fuller

People & Culture Lead

There are three things Kylie really loves. She loves organising our internal cultural ambitions into practice; she seriously loves pitching in anywhere she can lend her considerable difference to achieving client outcomes in capability building, and lastly she really, really loves tea. Yep, white tea, black tea, green tea...it really doesn’t matter. I mean, you haven’t seen someone loving a cuppa until you’ve seen Kyles’s face light up when a steaming mug of English Brekky lands on her desk.

Craig Burns

Designer & Media Ops

Craig is the nicest bloke on the planet. We keep expecting his dark side, but he keeps showing up every day all rainbows and sunshine. He’s our designer of everything. From jumping into big visual identity work for some of our big projects to videography; to advising on print production... Craig also moves really fast. He’s an Aussie National Champion 400m sprinter, was Australia’s first Same-Sex marriage (got married at 12.01am when the law was passed) and avid youtube vlogger.

Lorena Clayton

Lead Facilitator

Lorena is a Registered Psychologist with a Masters in Organisational Psychology and over 20 years’ experience of bringing “human” to Human Resources in Australia’s most recognised businesses. With a passion for creating great workplace cultures and developing leadership capability, Lorena is a sought after keynote speaker, facilitator and change agent. She works with a broad range of client industries ranging from education, retail, health services, travel, government and financial services, through to mining, engineering, construction and emergency services. Lorena fits the stereotype of the nerdy scientist by holding the dubious distinction of having watched Star Wars 17 times in one weekend. Sad but true.

Bec Jeffrey

Lead Facilitator

As lead facilitator in our extended leadership programs, Bec obsesses about how to make the lights go on. Then she remembers you just flick a switch. But which switch? It’s that HUGE question that sees her spending her days knee-deep in program design and delivery. Bec’s background as a social scientist means she knows how to work with the energy of a room, yet as a Mum to a big mob of wonderfuls (7 kids!) she’s as yet to master the craziness of 6.00-7.30pm dinner/bath time.

Erin Teono

Lead Facilitator

Erin has three distinct super powers. 1. After 15 years working in corporate HR/L&D she is a ninja at jargon translation; 2. After a decade of facilitation, she can read a room like a boss; and 3. She’s a Kiwi who can speak fluent ‘Strayan. No worries mate. Erin’s focus is helping leaders be the best they can be, enabling them to drive transformation and what consider behaviours that will embed long term change. After stints with a few ASX 100 listed companies, Erin now leads PT principles back to our big corporate partners.

Ryan Lewty

Lead Facilitator

Ryan is obsessed by using brain and body science to help people thrive in life. As Lead Facilitator, Ryan uses his domestic and international experience across the education, mental health, child protection, and organisational wellbeing sectors to deliver outcomes for clients. As a former children’s counsellor and competitive martial artist, with degrees in Law and Psychology, he brings diverse knowledge and perspective to his work. He also can name the ingredients contained in any protein bar ever made.

Jess Torpey

Strategic Project Lead

Jess (JT/Torps/The Torpedo) Torpey has held various roles ranging from external relations, to front line leadership and for the past few years was a leader in transformation in an ASX100 before coming to PT. JT obsesses about getting home runs on strategic implementation for our clients. Which is great, because she spends her down time battin’ balls and running like crazy around a diamond as a current Australian Softball Rep. Bound for Tokyo in 2020, there’s no shortage of baggage handler offers from the team.

Michaela Kelly-Nixon

Administrative Superhuman

Michaela makes our lives incredibly easy. We’re convinced she could arrange a royal wedding without batting an eyelid. And, she’s the sort of young woman that’s winning the uphill battle of giving millennials a good name. When she’s not helping our office run like a dream, you’ll find her casually knocking over degrees in law and business. #NoBigDeal. We’d suggest being nice to Mic, on the path she’s travelling, she’ll be running the world soon enough.

Mikey Ellis

Cultural Strategist

Like wine? Good food? Love taking ah-mazing pictures of said wine and food? Then Mikey is now your mate. Check his Insta page…serious drool. Like cultural change? Want to see it strategised with a human touch that actually gets results? Then you and Mikey just became BFF’s. Equally at home in agile startups or huge corporate cultures, Mikey heads up our presence in Melbourne.

Lil bit of #humblebrag right here…




Pragmatic Thinking’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.

We’re committing $5 in every $100 off our top line revenue to fund the Difference Project, and we’ll also be donating our expertise, our time and even sometimes ourselves to various charitable organistions both here and around the world.


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