Customised Programs

Shift cultures and enhance leadership through programs custom-designed for your business

We prefer not to do sheep-dip training. Sure, we also have a range of core programs you can have us deliver into your organisation, but our very best work is taking what you need and mixing it with what we know to create a stunningly well designed program of work.

We love nothing better than have a client feel like they have a ‘made one’ rather than a ‘bought one’

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Cultural Strategy

Chart the course for the future of your business' culture with our clear and compelling roadmaps

Most businesses have the twin powers of an organisational strategy and an operational strategy, and that makes a tonne of sense. But only the great businesses create a cultural strategy to support these other two.

Here’s the rub. Culture is the most discussed, least understood topic on the planet. But we get it. And so will you when we help you build a pathway towards the culture you need for the future of your work…

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Practical Training

Science-based, expertly delivered training you can use immediately

The collective brains at PT have crafted a series of core-programs that address common needs and pain points that exist in most organisations.

Perhaps there’s something you’ll see that will scratch the itch that you’ve had for too long?

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Build High-Performance Teams

Take your team's game to the next level with models and practices backed by science

A team is simply a micro-culture that has its own coding; whether it’s signs, symbols, language or rituals the differences teams carry also are common patterns. Let us show the the patterns that increase the chances for success for a team, and equally, explore the patterns that will violate your success in the pursuit towards high-performance.

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Safety Culture

Make safety engaging through innovative programs that keep your people alive and well

The era of grainy John Cleese safety training videos is hopefully long behind us. Behavioural-based safety, as well intentioned as it was, also fell short of where we need to take our safety cultures to.

Let us help you explore outstanding safety outcomes through challenging the beliefs, mindsets and practices of you people to not just tick boxes for safety, but fundamentally live and breathe it.

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Recovery Strategies

Re-energise your people to cope with the pace of change and maximise peak performance.

The road to peak performance isn’t a smooth one with nary a bump in the road. In fact the key to peak performance is in the name itself. Peak.

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