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Big disruption can bring big opportunities for organisations with the courage to make the most of it.

To help your people stay focused, and your leaders carrying a common message, professional development is going to be more important than ever if we want to shift from where we are, to where we need to be.

But with a triple-scoop combination of massive increases in remote working, continued social distancing measures and Learning and Development budgets tighter than ever, how can we overcome these challenges to get the results we need?

World-class virtual training program delivery, that’s how.

We’ve invested on our end,
so you can invest in your people at your end.


But enough talk, you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Watch the video below to see what PTV is all about.



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About PTV

Looking at the psychology, methodology and technology of distributed teams, our virtual training programs will help you upskill your people and ramp up the results you require.

Our programs are delivered virtually from our world-class studio; boasting multiple camera angles, professional audio quality and broadcasted with best-in-show video conferencing software.

Nearly two-decades of online learning has had mixed results at best and been a shocking waste of money and resources at worst.

Let’s not make those mistakes again.

A virtual learning experience hosted by an expert facilitator that knows your people, your leaders, and the challenges you’re facing – we’re confident that’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here at Pragmatic Thinking, we’ve obsessed over the virtual learning experience, right down to which camera angle best supports certain messages, the neuroscience that drives online engagement, as well as utilising the full capability of various platforms such as chat functions, breakout rooms and pre and post learning methods. Regardless of what platform you use, we can work with you to make it work.

This experience will blow your weekly video conference calls out the water, guaranteed.

Each of our programs address a core component of creating a long-lasting, high performing workplace culture. They can be delivered to your team as-is or customised to suit your organisational objectives.



Wondering what we can do for you?

Great question, let’s dig into some of the options available to your organisation when partnering with Pragmatic Thinking for your next virtual training event.

Below are a handful of ways we can deliver practical learning outcomes to your teams, leaders, and clients.

  • One-off virtual training sessions
  • Multiple virtual training modules delivered over time
  • Bespoke virtual training programs customised to your needs
  • Coordination and delivery of virtual conferences and events
  • Virtual keynote presentations to empower your team
  • Virtual masterclasses centered around a key learning outcome





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“The virtual learning format was absolutely amazing and I think it really added to our learning experience as practitioners. What really struck a chord was linking in the psychology side of things with the processes that we need to implement. Being able to jump into the chat rooms was really beneficial in that you could have that conversation of connecting to self and building that self-knowledge and sharing your experiences with others so that you can take it away and apply it to your context as opposed to having information thrown at you.”

– Department of Education, NSW


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