effective teams

How to turn your dysfunctional team into an effective team

We all know that there’s no “I” in team and that “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. We’ve heard about “A-Teams” (both Ed Sheeran’s and Mr T’s), “Dream-Teams” and even clicked on team memes. So, what actually sets great teams apart from dysfunctional teams? Read through this article and make note of anything that stands out to …

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great managers

Great managers never say these things to their teams

What makes a great manager? I could list off a plethora of technical skills that you would probably agree are useful. But when it comes down to it, what separates a great manager from a mediocre or even a good one is how they treat their people. Sweet, job done, article finished. Okay, maybe not. …

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team goals

An approach to team goals that skyrockets employee engagement

Are you sick of the same old team goal setting script?  We’ve done a lot of work with teams; we’ve met thousands of leaders and their team members and over time we’ve found conversations amongst teams naturally gear towards output and results. Team days are often pre-planned, the agenda is sent out stating the purpose, …

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types of teams

4 types of teams you’ll find in organisations

Chances are you’re reading this because you are part of a team. You could be in a workplace team, a sports team or maybe you’re just getting started in management and want to understand the different types of teams. Whatever reason you’re here, we’re glad you snuck over to this side of the internet. By …

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We won’t get to Mars without teamwork

Most great achievements are not made by one person alone; teamwork and collaboration have played a role in almost every significant step forward from the moon landing to the construction of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Today we’re going to take a look at the science of teamwork, and more specifically, …

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ceo stress management tips

Don’t be a stereotype – stress management tips for CEOs

I figured it was about time we share some tips on stress management for CEOs. But why something so specific? Well, I spend a fair bit of time around business executives and c-suite leaders through my role as a lead facilitator. From my observations, the higher up you are in an organisational hierarchy, the more …

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